Dishes with butter - 6881 delicious homemade recipes

Butter refers to dairy products and is made from cow's milk. More precisely, from cream. What does cooking oil look like? Butter is whipped in special apparatuses, where milk is poured. a href="#info" class="read-more"Read on.../a
65 kcal
20 minutes
Cabbage filling for pies
Simple cabbage filling with egg for pies! Cabbage filling is one of the popular
475 kcal
7 minutes
Mascarpone cheese cream for cake
Thick cream for both assembling and leveling the cake. Cream with Italian
287 kcal
14 hours
Cottage cheese Easter with condensed milk
Delicate with a delicate creamy taste, fragrant and very tasty! Cottage cheese
483 kcal
2 hours
Classic brownies Baked potato with condensed milk
Without baking, from the most affordable products! Everyone loves classic cakes
567 kcal
20 minutes
Classic chocolate sausage made of cookies and cocoa
Classic Soviet-era dessert made of cookies without baking! At that time, the
335 kcal
4 hours20 minutes
The pastry is tender and the most delicious for buns
Lush, airy, from ordinary products! The pastry for buns according to this recipe
591 kcal
20 minutes
Homemade pastry potato cookies with condensed milk and nuts
Delicious, sweet - a quick and simple dessert! The pastry potato made from
360 kcal
6 hours
Cheesecake with gelatin without baking
Cottage cheese and cream cheesecake is the most delicate dessert. The smooth
405 kcal
1 hour
Cake from cookies and condensed milk without baking
Delicious, fast, chocolate and inexpensive! When guests are on the doorstep.
344 kcal
20 minutes
Ricotta cake
Cook fast, eat delicious! No baking!
364 kcal
5 hours20 minutes
Cream cheese cake
A wonderful and light cake made of cream melted cheese. The basis for this
364 kcal
20 minutes
Thick cheese cake cream
Versatile, lush, the best, insanely delicious! Cheese cream for cake is very
348 kcal
4 hours
Cookie and cottage cheese cheesecake without baking
The tastiest, light and simple, for a festive table! Cheesecake without baking
592 kcal
15 minutes
Cake without baking in 15 minutes
Simple, fast, even a child will cook! A cake without baking according to this
364 kcal
8 hours
Cottage cheese cake without baking
Extremely delicious, creamy, light, original! Cottage cheese cake without baking
321 kcal
3 hours50 minutes
Mousse cake
You will fall in love and this is a beautiful and delicate cake. This wonderful
248 kcal
2 hours30 minutes
Cake made from ready-made sponge cakes with condensed milk
Fast and delicious, even a child will cook! A cake made of ready—made sponge
559 kcal
8 hours20 minutes
Chocolate sausage with condensed milk from cookies and nuts
Even a child will cook, a holiday every day! Chocolate sausage with condensed
258 kcal
2 hours
Fish cracker cake in a hurry without baking
Very juicy and delicious cake, with only five ingredients! Fish cracker cake
190 kcal
30 minutes
Salmon sandwiches for the festive table
An exquisite restaurant-level snack in 20 minutes! Salmon sandwiches at the