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33 kcal
10 minutes
How to cook boiled frozen shrimp
Tender, delicious, fragrant and healthy shrimps are always welcome. Of course,
33 kcal
10 minutes
how to cook frozen unpeeled shrimp
To cook shrimp deliciously, you need to know a few subtleties. Shrimp is a
49 kcal
2 hours
Boiled beef
Simple and tasteful. A dish for those weary of delights.
29 kcal
10 minutes
How to cook frozen King prawns
It's hard to spoil them, but you need to know some subtleties. King prawns
19 kcal
30 minutes
How to cook langoustines
Beautiful, delicious, nutritious langoustines on your table! Langoustines are
128 kcal
2 hours
Boiled pork tongue
On the festive table, incomparably delicious, melts in your mouth! Boiled pork
130 kcal
1 hour10 minutes
Boiled corn
Simple, fast, appetizing, budget-friendly, very tasty! Boiled corn is a symbol
623 kcal
1 hour50 minutes
Boiled lard in soy sauce
An excellent snack of lard will benefit your body. If you have a piece of fresh
33 kcal
10 minutes
How to cook frozen shrimp
Delicate fragrant shrimp are loved by everyone without exception. The benefits
140 kcal
3 hours
Boiled veal tongue
Don't know what to surprise the guests with? Cook a delicacy of veal!
214 kcal
4 hours30 minutes
Smoking boiled chicken
Amazing poultry meat! It needs to be tried!
80 kcal
25 minutes
Boiled grape snails
Delicious and unusual overseas delicacy. Try!
187 kcal
40 minutes
Boiled corn with butter
Enjoy the tender hot corn with butter! Very tasty alexey3692 Recipe author
148 kcal
40 minutes
How to cook crayfish
A simple guide for a competent hostess! Varvara Recipe author
187 kcal
1 hour30 minutes
Julienne with chicken and mushrooms with cream in the oven
Delicious French dish will decorate any holiday! Julienne cream, chicken,
275 kcal
50 minutes
KFC Spicy wings
Delicious, crispy and savory, for the whole family for dinner! Spicy wings like
157 kcal
10 minutes
Poached egg in a bag
An easy way to cook poached eggs! There are many ways to prepare poached eggs.
336 kcal
50 minutes
Tempura roll at home Sushi
Colorful, bright, delicious, appetizing, for a romantic dinner. Tempura rolls
228 kcal
1 hour10 minutes
Japanese rice balls with cheese
Original, beautiful, crispy, from simple products! Rice balls are a hearty
199 kcal
1 hour40 minutes
Julienne with mushrooms and chicken in pots
The most delicious, appetizing, juicy, for a festive table! Julienne with