Unsweetened pastries - 1551 homemade delicious cooking recipe

Why do you need unsweetened pastries? Unsweetened pastries, unlike sweet pastries, do not include dessert, but often main dishes. For example, a meat pie is an unsweetened pastry. a href="#info" class="read-more"Read on.../a
161 kcal
1 hour15 minutes
Potato pancakes with cheese
Delicious.Especially with sauce.They look like meat patties.Bon appetit! Bunny
228 kcal
40 minutes
Khachapuri with cheese and boiled egg
Great idea for a home tea party! Such khachapuri are good both for breakfast
199 kcal
1 hour30 minutes
Quiche with broccoli
Tender pie with creamy vegetable filling. For kish, you can make any shortbread
224 kcal
2 hours
Pie with puff pastry cabbage
Fast, simple, for the whole family, the most delicious! Cabbage pie made of puff
204 kcal
30 minutes
Pancakes on kefir with green onion and egg
Lush, soft and delicious, for breakfast, for dinner, for guests! Pancakes on
195 kcal
1 hour30 minutes
Fishy rice pie
Ruddy and fragrant pie stuffed with rice and tuna. Baking dough according to
194 kcal
2 hours
Chicken coop with potatoes and puff pastry chicken in the oven
Beautiful, appetizing, original design! Kurnik is a dish that you will have to
170 kcal
3 hours
Fried pies in a pan with dry yeast
How nice it is to enjoy a fragrant homemade pie! Potato pies on yeast dough are
301 kcal
1 hour30 minutes
Dough for dumplings without eggs
You will be surprised - these dumplings will give a head start to traditional
237 kcal
45 minutes
Snack profiteroles with unsweetened filling
A wonderful snack for a home celebration or buffet. Such profiteroles look
221 kcal
1 hour30 minutes
Balkarian hychines
Caucasian wheat flour tortillas with potatoes and cheese. Balkarian khychins are
185 kcal
1 hour10 minutes
Fruit pie
Ruddy, big, hearty! Cooking is easy and simple!
222 kcal
1 hour30 minutes
Kefir pie in a frying pan
An unusual way of making a delicious pie! Kefir pie in a frying pan is a simple
163 kcal
1 hour20 minutes
Aspic pie with egg and onion on sour cream
This pie will conquer you with its taste, familiar from childhood! Aspic pie
145 kcal
1 hour20 minutes
Pies on potato decoction
The dough is easy to prepare, the pies are soft. Pies on potato broth are easy
255 kcal
1 hour10 minutes
Puff pastry fish pie
Fragrant, juicy filling under a layer of melted cheese. Between two plates of
151 kcal
2 hours30 minutes
Pan-fried pies on water
Prepare fried pies from a quick dough on water. The dough is so versatile that
239 kcal
2 hours40 minutes
Pies with meat and potatoes in the oven
Soft, lush, rosy! Simple and very tasty!
143 kcal
1 hour
Pan-fried potato pies
From ordinary products, inexpensive and simple, very tasty! Potato pies fried in
147 kcal
1 hour
Pancakes with potatoes and mushrooms
Delicious and satisfying, with a simple but very fragrant filling! Pancakes with