Salads with mayonnaise - 1257 delicious homemade recipes

Salads with mayonnaise filling are a full–fledged main dish. They are very satisfying and perfectly saturate. Snacks with French sauce differ in the variety of ingredients used. a href="#info" class="read-more"Read on.../a
116 kcal
15 minutes
Salad with crab sticks and tomatoes
Express dish for any occasion. The guests will be delighted!
99 kcal
15 minutes
Carrot salad with mayonnaise and garlic
Simple, but very tasty and healthy carrot salad! This simple salad of only three
101 kcal
15 minutes
Classic cole slow salad
Delicious simple vitamin cabbage salad. This is a simple salad with a minimum of
198 kcal
20 minutes
Red Sea salad with crab sticks tomatoes and peppers
Fast, beautiful, simple, inexpensive, a holiday every day! Red Sea salad is one
148 kcal
25 minutes
Canned tuna salad classic
Fast and satisfying, in a hurry, the tastiest! Canned tuna salad is prepared in
130 kcal
30 minutes
Crab salad with corn classic without rice
Delicious salad with crab sticks for all occasions! Delicious, tender, fresh
173 kcal
20 minutes
Salad with green peas, egg and cucumber
Easy, fast, simple, from ordinary products! Salad with green peas, egg and
320 kcal
10 minutes
Salad with beans, crackers and sausage
Savory hearty salad for men's gatherings. This salad will definitely appeal to
91 kcal
20 minutes
Tomato and cucumber salad with mayonnaise
This salad is one of the most frequent guests on our tables. It is unlikely that
122 kcal
10 minutes
Beetroot and carrot salad with cheese
Simple, quick to prepare and delicious salad! Such a salad can be prepared,
149 kcal
10 minutes
Salad with smoked sausage and fresh cucumber
Simple, but very juicy, delicious salad with smoked sausage. A salad of fresh
172 kcal
15 minutes
Salad with ham, tomatoes, breadcrumbs and beans
Fast, simple, from ordinary products, very tasty! Salad with ham, tomatoes,
243 kcal
20 minutes
Venice salad with sausage and Korean carrots
Bright, simple and delicious, from available ingredients! Venice salad with
262 kcal
10 minutes
Salad with beans, smoked sausage and crackers
For every day and for the festive table, fast and easy! Salad with beans, smoked
121 kcal
15 minutes
Peking cabbage tomato cheese salad
Delicious salad for lovers of light dishes. Very tasty, light and fresh salad of
262 kcal
15 minutes
Salad with tomatoes and sausage
Fast, simple, from ordinary products, in a hurry! Salad with tomatoes and
339 kcal
10 minutes
Salad with ham and beans, cheese and crackers
Fast, simple, for the whole family, the tastiest! Salad with ham and beans,
115 kcal
30 minutes
Salad with beans and crab sticks
Quick crab salad with beans for weekdays and holidays. This salad consists of my
206 kcal
20 minutes
Shrimp salad cucumber egg
Easy, simple, insanely delicious, for a holiday! Shrimp salad is prepared
179 kcal
20 minutes
Salad with beans, cakes and sausage
Delicious and beautiful festive salad with scallops and beans. Salad with

Salads with mayonnaise