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303 kcal
20 minutes
Tiramisu Cake from cookies with mascarpone classic
Tender, melts in the mouth, easy and quick to cook! Tiramisu cake made of
405 kcal
1 hour
Cake from cookies and condensed milk without baking
Delicious, fast, chocolate and inexpensive! When guests are on the doorstep.
364 kcal
5 hours20 minutes
Cream cheese cake
A wonderful and light cake made of cream melted cheese. The basis for this
316 kcal
10 hours
Cake made of cookies and cottage cheese without baking
Delicious cottage cheese cake without baking! Help yourself to a delicious and
364 kcal
8 hours
Cottage cheese cake without baking
Extremely delicious, creamy, light, original! Cottage cheese cake without baking
248 kcal
2 hours30 minutes
Cake made from ready-made sponge cakes with condensed milk
Fast and delicious, even a child will cook! A cake made of ready—made sponge
438 kcal
30 minutes
Ant hill cake made of cookies without condensed milk
Easy and quick to prepare a cake for tea! A popular delicacy in Soviet times is
289 kcal
3 hours
Banana cheesecake
A very simple and quick recipe for a delicious dessert! Banana cheesecake is a
370 kcal
15 minutes
Hastily made chocolate waffle cake
Cream cake. Delicious and fast!
581 kcal
30 minutes
Shortbread cake with cocoa and condensed milk without baking
Simple, quick to prepare and delicious cake! One of the simplest and fastest
260 kcal
8 hours15 minutes
Gingerbread cake with nuts sour cream fruits without baking
A very beautiful sunny cake for lazy housewives! Fast and delicious.
261 kcal
30 minutes
Banana and chocolate chip cookie cake with vanilla cream
Girls, it's unrealistically delicious! Be sure to try it.
146 kcal
3 hours
Cake with sprouted buckwheat without flour and sugar
This cake will bring pleasure and strengthen your health! Can you imagine that
272 kcal
2 hours30 minutes
Yogurt pistachio cake with honeysuckle
My next successful confectionery experiment. Here is another recipe from a fresh
241 kcal
1 hour
Gingerbread cake
Simple, fast, delicious - and you don't need an oven! Lucy Recipe author
64 kcal
2 hours30 minutes
Turtle fruit cake with kiwi
Make a fun and delicious cake without baking! It's easy!
398 kcal
1 hour
Chocolate cake with cocoa, nuts and muesli without baking
For the dearest for Valentine's Day! what not to bake VERY TASTY chocolate
375 kcal
5 hours30 minutes
Cake made of cookies and condensed milk with cottage cheese and without baking
The cake is a delicate souffle with chocolate chips and cookies and melts in
397 kcal
3 hours
Cake for a newborn Baby stroller
The guests will be smitten on the spot! A simple recipe for a delicious cake!
609 kcal
30 minutes
Classic Anthill cake with condensed milk without baking
Sweet tooth will be crazy! Insanely delicious, simple and very fast!

Cakes without mastic