Simple green radish salad with carrots

Light, juicy, crispy - the epitome of freshness! A simple salad of green radish with carrots is prepared quickly and is also eaten. You can serve it as an independent dish, a kind of snack for harmony. Or as an addition to meat or fish, which is more traditional. It is well suited for losing weight and for certain days in the post, and so very tasty!
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Composition / ingredients

Translation table of volumetric measures
Nutrients and energy value of the composition of the recipe
By weight of the composition:
Proteins 7 % 1 g
Fats 47 % 7 g
Carbohydrates 47 % 7 g
101 kcal
GI: 100 / 0 / 0

Step-by-step cooking

Cooking time: 20 min
  1. Step 1:

    Step 1.

    How to make a green radish salad? Yes, just grate and fill! Well, this is a very simple option. Or maybe we will pamper ourselves and add a little to the palette of taste? Take an apple (any one will do) and something sour. I took pomegranate seeds, you can have some cranberries or small cranberries.

  2. Step 2:

    Step 2.

    But it will be more useful to fill it with vegetable oil, so carrots are better absorbed. And what kind of oil you like, then take it. A proven and delicious option with olive or sunflower oil. Take fragrant, unrefined. Add a little fresh lemon juice to the selected oil, this is the fastest and most delicious type of dressing.

  3. Step 3:

    Step 3.

    Then wash the vegetables and fruits well, peel the root vegetables. Separate the pomegranate seeds, 2 tablespoons were enough for me, you may want more. If you do not like it, you can not add pomegranate at all or replace it with a sour berry.

  4. Step 4:

    Step 4.

    Immediately rub the carrots into a deep salad bowl.

  5. Step 5:

    Step 5.

    Can be grated on a grater for Korean carrots, on a food processor or use such a device. It is important to get a thin, tender straw, but so that all the juice remains in the product.

  6. Step 6:

    Step 6.

    Then grate the green radish. (Chinese, Margelian, can be replaced with daikon. Our black is for an amateur, it can be very bitter or sharp, which not everyone will like).

  7. Step 7:

    Step 7.

    Rub the apple last, I don't peel the skin. An apple can darken quickly.

  8. Step 8:

    Step 8.

    Therefore, the refueling should already be ready. Do not hesitate - refuel, lemon juice will prevent the apple from darkening and the salad will remain beautiful. Mix everything well, and then add salt, pepper, and a pinch of sugar to taste. Mix again and try, find a balance that is pleasant to your taste.

  9. Step 9:

    Step 9.

    Serve the salad right away. If desired, decorate with herbs, sprinkle pomegranate seeds on top. Such a salad is not prepared in advance. All products are juicy, and the juice is released almost immediately after adding spices. Therefore, it is necessary to enjoy the salad on time. Although I really love the liquid that has stood out and I finish the last portion with a special relish.

The basis of this simple salad is radish and carrots. But our housewives have learned how to cook various options, Michelin stars will not give, but they will definitely not give in to taste.

What can be added to such a framework? Not all at once, of course, but by choice: apple, celery, lettuce, cabbage, beetroot, bell pepper, mushrooms, crackers, zest, nuts. Various greens, onions, turnips or leeks, cranberries, cranberries, pomegranate seeds, garlic, sugar or liquid honey.

And we love different gas stations, along with the presented one. Depending on the type of ingredients added, vinegar can be added to vegetable oil. Our people like to add light sour cream or dilute it in half with mayonnaise and garlic, you can also use yogurt.

The taste will always be different, and there are so many options for experiments! Some definitely need to try.

It is important to realize that there are no recipes or products in nature that are certainly useful to all people or unconditionally harmful to everyone. As with medicines, and in nutrition, there are indications and contraindications, daily individual consumption rates, and for most people all this is very personalized. At the same time, there are a lot of myths “about proper nutrition” (for example: fat is bad), which distort the very essence of this concept and in such a distorted form are distributed on the Internet and the media. Therefore, remember that any “PP recipe” will be related to proper nutrition only conditionally, do not take it as a dogma. And even if the author of the recipe, a “healthy nutrition specialist” or a nutritionist and fitness trainer calls something useful (PP) or harmful, it may not be so for you personally.
The opinion of the site administration about proper nutrition may not coincide with the opinion of the author of the PP recipe!

The calorie content of the products possible in the dish

  • Apples - 47   kcal/100g
  • Dried apples - 210   kcal/100g
  • Canned apple mousse - 61   kcal/100g
  • Garnet - 52   kcal/100g
  • Carrots - 33   kcal/100g
  • Dried carrots - 275   kcal/100g
  • Boiled carrots - 25   kcal/100g
  • Granulated sugar - 398   kcal/100g
  • Sugar - 398   kcal/100g
  • Radish - 35   kcal/100g
  • Salt - 0   kcal/100g
  • Lemon juice - 16   kcal/100g
  • Olive oil - 913   kcal/100g
  • Fresh frozen soup greens in a package - 41   kcal/100g
  • Greenery - 41   kcal/100g
  • A mixture of ground peppers - 255   kcal/100g

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