Dishes with tomato paste - 975 delicious homemade recipes

Tomato paste is the main ingredient for making a delicious tomato paste sauce. Tomato paste itself is made from ripe tomatoes. a href="#info" class="read-more"Read on.../a
30 kcal
30 minutes
Tomato sauce with coriander
Tomato sauce with fresh cilantro and garlic! Delicious, healthy and very
127 kcal
20 minutes
Hamburger sauce
Blushing, delicious and versatile. The meat is the very thing.
46 kcal
30 minutes
Tomato ketchup with brown sugar and paste with cloves
Do you want to know the composition of ketchup? Cook it at home from simple
30 kcal
15 minutes
Armenian tomato sauce for kebab with coriander
A great addition to the dishes on the grill! Rich taste!
66 kcal
20 minutes
Raw adjika
Did you want something spicy? Try this recipe!
29 kcal
25 minutes
Georgian sauce with coriander and tomato paste spices
The sauce with cilantro will give a bright flavor note to meat dishes. Sauce
35 kcal
50 minutes
A simple classic hodgepodge with sausage without meat
Delicious and fast hodgepodge with smoked and boiled sausage. This classic
53 kcal
1 hour45 minutes
Borscht in chicken broth with boiled beetroot
Delicious, rich borscht for the whole family. Try to cook a delicious borscht
33 kcal
45 minutes
pickle classic with pearl barley and pickles
Fragrant hot soup with pickles. "Mom immediately left and returned a second
39 kcal
15 minutes
Homemade tomato paste sauce
Lightning tomato paste sauce! Fast and delicious!
53 kcal
2 hours
Classic hodgepodge with potatoes and sausage
Please yourself and your loved ones with a rich and fragrant hodgepodge! One of
123 kcal
2 hours
Lobio of red beans is classic
Delicious, bright traditional dish of Georgian cuisine! Lobio is a red bean
97 kcal
3 hours
Classic meat hodgepodge
Tastier than in a restaurant! Easy, simple, bright, beautiful!
163 kcal
30 minutes
Rice in tomato sauce
Cook rice in a new way! A fragrant very bright side dish!
65 kcal
1 hour
Turkish red lentil soup with bulgur
Healthy, spicy, from simple products, fast, bright! Turkish red lentil soup with
229 kcal
30 minutes
Pasta with tomato pasta
A simple recipe for boiled pasta with tomato paste sauce! Pasta with tomato
88 kcal
40 minutes
Pork kharcho soup with rice
Excellent soup for lunch: fragrant, bright, appetizing! Kharcho pork soup with
51 kcal
2 hours
Borscht with fresh cabbage, beetroot and meat
Delicious, rich, thick, for the whole family for lunch! Borscht with fresh
82 kcal
1 hour
Stewed cabbage with beans
Simple, delicious and satisfying vegetable dish. Stewed cabbage with beans is
154 kcal
50 minutes
Borscht with garlic dumplings
Delicious, hearty, full-fledged traditional Ukrainian dish! In many countries,