In the oven - 9147 delicious homemade cooking recipes

If there is no time to fry, you can bake this food – the main rule of a practical and far-sighted hostess. It is not surprising that this is the most popular type of heat treatment of products – a minimum of oil, maximum benefit and convenience. a href="#info" class="read-more"Read on.../a
244 kcal
2 hours15 minutes
Milk loaf
Soft, delicious, fragrant, from ordinary products! A milk loaf is an example of
333 kcal
1 hour
Homemade eclairs with boiled condensed milk
Delicious, from ordinary products, for the whole family! Homemade eclairs with
96 kcal
1 hour
Boiled potatoes baked in the oven
Delicious, golden, appetizing, for every day! Boiled potatoes baked in the oven
307 kcal
14 hours
Honey cake with boiled condensed milk and sour cream classic
Very tasty and fast, melts in your mouth! The best for the holiday!
117 kcal
50 minutes
Boiled potatoes baked in the oven with cheese
Potatoes with two types of cheese - you'll lick your fingers! The recipe for
272 kcal
35 minutes
Boiled pasta baked in sauce
Simple, but very tasty, tender and satisfying dish. Macaroni with milk and
61 kcal
2 hours
Gazpacho soup classic
Try to cook this soup - the business card of Spain. Cold soups are not as
290 kcal
3 hours30 minutes
Roll with poppy seeds from yeast dough
Soft roll of yeast dough with poppy seeds for any table. The roll turns out to
180 kcal
45 minutes
Eggplant baked with cheese and garlic in the oven
Fast, juicy, with a simple and delicious filling - for the holiday! Eggplant
137 kcal
1 hour10 minutes
Stuffed onion baked in the oven
For the festive table, from simple products! Stuffed onions baked in the oven
227 kcal
2 hours15 minutes
Yeast pies with green onion and egg in the oven
Fluffy homemade pies with summer filling. Now pies with green onion and egg can
220 kcal
2 hours
Shanezhki with shangi potatoes in the oven
Delicious, fragrant, ruddy chanezhki with potatoes. Shanezhki - open pies with
197 kcal
1 hour15 minutes
Men's tears salad with chicken mushrooms and Korean carrots
Delicious, with spicy notes and an unusual name! Layered salad Men's tears with
56 kcal
45 minutes
Candied oranges
A treat, a baking decoration, an accessory for a photo shoot! Fragrant circles
187 kcal
1 hour30 minutes
Julienne with chicken and mushrooms with cream in the oven
Delicious French dish will decorate any holiday! Julienne cream, chicken,
154 kcal
50 minutes
Borscht with garlic dumplings
Delicious, hearty, full-fledged traditional Ukrainian dish! In many countries,
198 kcal
4 hours30 minutes
Air rice at home
Original, inexpensive, for delicious desserts! Air rice at home can be consumed
153 kcal
40 minutes
Broccoli casserole in the oven
Tender broccoli in cream cheese filling. Broccoli is quite popular in cooking.
348 kcal
1 hour30 minutes
Honey cake cakes
Fragrant cakes for a delicious honey cake! If you still don't know how to make
186 kcal
1 hour10 minutes
Mashed potato casserole in the oven with minced meat
Incomparably delicious, from simple products, for a family dinner! A casserole

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