Meat in the oven - 2496 homemade delicious cooking recipe

Meat pieces baked in the oven turn out juicy, soft and just melt in your mouth. They perfectly satisfy hunger, and they will take a central place on the festive table. a href="#info" class="read-more"Read on.../a
137 kcal
1 hour10 minutes
Stuffed onion baked in the oven
For the festive table, from simple products! Stuffed onions baked in the oven
197 kcal
1 hour15 minutes
Men's tears salad with chicken mushrooms and Korean carrots
Delicious, with spicy notes and an unusual name! Layered salad Men's tears with
187 kcal
1 hour30 minutes
Julienne with chicken and mushrooms with cream in the oven
Delicious French dish will decorate any holiday! Julienne cream, chicken,
154 kcal
50 minutes
Borscht with garlic dumplings
Delicious, hearty, full-fledged traditional Ukrainian dish! In many countries,
186 kcal
1 hour10 minutes
Mashed potato casserole in the oven with minced meat
Incomparably delicious, from simple products, for a family dinner! A casserole
207 kcal
1 hour20 minutes
Cannelloni with minced meat in oven
Original, delicious, for dinner, a holiday every day! Cannelloni with minced
116 kcal
1 hour
Pasta casserole with minced meat in the oven
Many favorite foods combined in one dish. Durum wheat pasta with minced meat is
129 kcal
1 hour30 minutes
Chicken souffle in the oven
From simple products, light and delicious, for the whole family! Chicken souffle
154 kcal
2 hours
Crispy chicken legs in the oven in caramel
Beautiful, appetizing, tanned, very tasty! If you already know how to cook
142 kcal
1 hour
Buckwheat casserole in the oven with minced meat
From ordinary products, for dinner, for the whole family! Buckwheat casserole
188 kcal
1 hour
Classic lasagna with bechamel sauce
Lasagna according to this recipe is sincerely loved by my whole family. Italian
199 kcal
1 hour40 minutes
Julienne with mushrooms and chicken in pots
The most delicious, appetizing, juicy, for a festive table! Julienne with
293 kcal
45 minutes
Macaroni and minced meat casserole with cheese
Delicious and quick to prepare pasta and minced meat dish! Pasta with minced
179 kcal
1 hour15 minutes
Chicken legs in the oven with a crispy caramel crust
198 kcal
1 hour40 minutes
Classic potato casserole with minced meat in the oven
Delicious, from ordinary products, for dinner, for the whole family! Classic
194 kcal
2 hours
Chicken coop with potatoes and puff pastry chicken in the oven
Beautiful, appetizing, original design! Kurnik is a dish that you will have to
278 kcal
1 hour10 minutes
Sushi Gunkans
Gunkans sushi with chicken and sweet and spicy sauce! Gunkan is a molded type of
172 kcal
1 hour10 minutes
Mashed potatoes with minced meat in the oven
Very simple and affordable! For the whole family!
211 kcal
1 hour30 minutes
Potato casserole with minced meat and cheese in oven
Favorite since childhood, with a fragrant cheese crust! Potato casserole with
134 kcal
3 hours
Pomegranate salad bracelet with chicken classic
The beauty and excellent taste of the salad will conquer all your guests.

Meat in the oven