Cottage cheese pastries - 838 homemade delicious recipe

Cottage cheese pastries - 861 recipes
360 kcal
6 hours
Cheesecake with gelatin without baking
Cottage cheese and cream cheesecake is the most delicate dessert. The smooth
348 kcal
4 hours
Cookie and cottage cheese cheesecake without baking
The tastiest, light and simple, for a festive table! Cheesecake without baking
189 kcal
10 minutes
Cottage cheese filling for pancakes
The most delicious, tender, appetizing and healthy! Cottage cheese filling for
168 kcal
10 minutes
Cottage cheese filling for pancakes
The most delicious, quick and simple, for breakfast for the whole family!
289 kcal
3 hours
Banana cheesecake
A very simple and quick recipe for a delicious dessert! Banana cheesecake is a
259 kcal
6 hours
Cheesecake without baking with cottage cheese cookies cream strawberries
Refreshing strawberry cheesecake without baking! A delicate dessert with a
220 kcal
4 hours
Curd balls with filling
A wonderful dessert at any time of the year. Delicious and appetizing!
200 kcal
10 minutes
Cottage cheese filling with jam and nuts for pancakes and pancakes
Quick filling of cottage cheese with jam and nuts for pancakes. This curd
199 kcal
25 minutes
Filling of cottage cheese and raisins for pancakes
Very tasty filling for pancakes! Try to cook!
310 kcal
2 hours40 minutes
Curd chocolate balls with dried apricots and nuts
Incredibly delicious and healthy dessert! Easy to prepare.
278 kcal
2 hours30 minutes
Cottage cheese cake without baking with yogurt
Cake without baking is prepared quickly, without hassle for any holiday!
362 kcal
12 hours
Chocolate cheesecake without baking with cottage cheese
Amazing curd-chocolate dessert for tea without baking! Try it!
299 kcal
30 minutes
Cottage cheese cheesecake without baking with marshmallows and nutella
It's fast, simple and unrealistically delicious!!! The preparation of this
299 kcal
20 minutes
Cottage cheese cake without baking
The most delicate cottage cheese cake with filling is liked by both adults and
323 kcal
3 hours
Cottage cheese cake with shortbread cookies and blueberries without baking
Delicious cake, destined to become the most beloved in the house! Cottage cheese
154 kcal
30 minutes
Quick curd-fruit cake
Easy to prepare, but very tasty and spectacular dessert cake. Maria Kruus Recipe
415 kcal
4 hours25 minutes
Cookie Cake, sour cream and cream and cottage cheese without baking
Extremely delicious cottage cheese cake for the whole family! At work, everyone
185 kcal
1 hour10 minutes
Fruit pie
Ruddy, big, hearty! Cooking is easy and simple!
231 kcal
1 hour
Cottage cheese casserole with rice in the oven
Delicious, healthy, from simple products, for the whole family! Cottage cheese
200 kcal
45 minutes
Lazy cottage cheese cheesecakes
A very quick and simple cottage cheese breakfast dish! Lazy cottage cheese