Homemade mustard made from mustard powder

The simplest, most affordable and easiest way to cook! Homemade mustard from mustard powder you will get many times better than store-bought if you follow one piece of advice. So that the powder does not gather into lumps and does not stick to the walls of the dishes, do as it is written in the recipe!
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Composition / ingredients

Translation table of volumetric measures
Nutrients and energy value of the composition of the recipe
By weight of the composition:
Proteins 7 % 1 g
Fats 60 % 9 g
Carbohydrates 33 % 5 g
98 kcal
GI: 40 / 0 / 60

Step-by-step cooking

Cooking time: 8 h
  1. Step 1:

    Step 1.

    How to make mustard from mustard powder? Prepare all the products according to the list. You can take any vegetable oil, of your choice. Take bottled, filtered, boiled water. Salt - preferably fine.

  2. Step 2:

    Step 2.

    Pour vegetable oil on the bottom of a transparent glass or jar. It will not allow the mustard powder to stick to the bottom while stirring. The transparent walls of the container in which the mustard will be prepared also contribute to more thorough mixing, because you can immediately see where the dry powder is still left.

  3. Step 3:

    Step 3.

    Put mustard powder in a glass with vegetable oil.

  4. Step 4:

    Step 4.

    Add salt and sugar. Stir a little.

  5. Step 5:

    Step 5.

    Now gradually add warm (not hot!) take your time, pour in a little water and mix, then pour in more and mix again. Mustard absorbs water well, add it just enough to get a consistency similar to not thick sour cream. There should not be a single dry place left in the glass.

  6. Step 6:

    Step 6.

    Now add a little lemon juice and leave the mustard in a warm place for a few hours so that it is infused, "ripened". The ripened mustard is sharper and more vigorous.

One of many favorite condiments, mustard, gives a zest to a large number of dishes. There are a lot of options for making this sauce. Mustard is especially good when it stands for a while, first in a warm place (sometimes a jar of mustard is even put on a battery or lowered into hot water).
Having learned how to cook simple mustard, you can start experimenting by adding honey, apples,

It is prepared in a matter of minutes and after a few hours necessary for infusing, you will have a wonderful homemade sauce ready to complement your dishes. Instead of water, you can use brine (cucumber, tomato, cabbage), salt, sugar and lemon juice in this case, you will no longer need to add. If necessary, lemon juice can be replaced with vinegar. It is important to find high-quality mustard powder of uniform yellow color and you are provided with homemade mustard!

For cooking, it is better to use filtered or bottled water that is neutral to taste. If you use tap water, keep in mind that it can give the dish an unpleasant characteristic taste.

Caloric content of the products possible in the composition of the dish

  • Mustard canteen - 417   kcal/100g
  • Mustard - 417   kcal/100g
  • Granulated sugar - 398   kcal/100g
  • Sugar - 398   kcal/100g
  • Vegetable oil - 873   kcal/100g
  • Salt - 0   kcal/100g
  • Water - 0   kcal/100g
  • Lemon juice - 16   kcal/100g

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