Dishes with charcoal - 8 delicious homemade cooking recipes

Dishes with charcoal - 8 recipes
286 kcal
21 day
Whiskey from moonshine at home
Whiskey from homemade moonshine is simple and affordable! Homemade whiskey is
233 kcal
3 hours30 minutes
Bread with activated carbon
Very unusual and beautiful bread, healthy and delicious! It has a beneficial
60 kcal
9 days10 hours30 minutes
Moonshine from rice
We prepare a strong drink with a neutral and pleasant taste. Moonshine from rice
114 kcal
18 days2 hours
Vodka made from wheat
It's not difficult to prepare a classic alcoholic Russian drink! Wheat vodka is
8 kcal
45 days12 hours15 minutes
Good whiskey from moonshine on oak chips
The original analogue of a very popular British drink. I found this recipe on
46 kcal
3 days5 hours40 minutes
Moonshine from beer
Is there an expired beer? Make a strong drink out of it!
18 kcal
10 days10 hours
Moonshine from beetroot
Strong drink from budget raw materials. Cook properly!
185 kcal
7 days3 hours40 minutes
Vodka from moonshine
We prepare vodka on our own - pleasant, soft, strong. Vodka from moonshine is