Dishes with kvass wort - 8 delicious homemade cooking recipes

Kvass is an ancient, native Russian drink, which is based on fermentation processes. It perfectly quenches thirst, maintains strength and saturates the body with vitamins and trace elements necessary for its normal functioning. a href="#info" class="read-more"Read on.../a
159 kcal
30 minutes
Chicken drumsticks quickly in a marinade of leavened wort with cherry
Delicious, simple and fast! Prepare delicious chicken legs for dinner!
123 kcal
3 days9 hours45 minutes
Bear ribs with pumpkin and leavened wort glaze
Restaurant dish in your own kitchen? Cook and surprise your guests!
180 kcal
1 hour
Rye pancakes with orange mousse and waffle crumbs
Diversify Maslenitsa with original pancakes with citrus filling! I will tell you
202 kcal
4 hours30 minutes
Rye bread with coriander and mustard oil
Cook delicious bread at home! And enjoy its aroma and taste!
109 kcal
45 minutes
Baked plums filled with leavened wort and honey
Incredibly delicious and fragrant dessert! A real pleasure!
47 kcal
17 days35 minutes
Beer from kvass wort at home
Will bring the long-awaited coolness on hot summer evenings. Beer from kvass
33 kcal
20 hours
Homemade kvass from kvass wort
Kvass is prepared in different ways, for example, from wort. Kvass wort is a
25 kcal
22 hours20 minutes
Homemade kvass with dry yeast and leavened wort
The rich and bright taste of this drink will bring you back to your childhood!

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