Soda dishes - 63 delicious home cooking recipes

Soda dishes - 63 recipes
83 kcal
5 minutes
Martini tonic
Super simple and quick cocktail with great taste! Martini tonic is probably one
48 kcal
5 minutes
Gin and tonic cocktail
Prepare a refreshing drink for friendly fun meetings! The gin and tonic cocktail
59 kcal
12 hours
Homemade Coca Cola
Coca-Cola can be made at home! Can't believe it?
55 kcal
2 hours25 minutes
Coca-Cola jelly candies
This delicacy is sure to be enjoyed by children! Sweets are prepared very easily
24 kcal
5 minutes
Coffee with Coca-Cola and cream
A drink of cola and caffeine will charge you with energy for the whole day!
30 kcal
30 minutes
Okroshka with wild cherry on kefir
A very healthy and light dish with a pleasant island taste of wild cherry. Fast,
48 kcal
1 hour
Celery okroshka on kefir
Variation on the theme of okroshka on kefir for a hot summer day! I used celery
83 kcal
2 days1 hour30 minutes
Moose kebab on coals
Don't know what to do with moose? Prepare a delicious barbecue!
321 kcal
40 minutes
Danish meatball cutlets
Very appetizing, simple and fast! A miracle recipe for the most beloved!
181 kcal
5 minutes
Blue Cocktail
For a special guest! An affordable recipe for an original cocktail!
317 kcal
1 hour15 minutes
Sponge cake on lemonade in the oven
A very lush sponge cake with a bright lemonade flavor! Try it) Maria The author
254 kcal
2 hours
Strawberry pie with lemon on soda
Juicy, moist, strawberry pie with a crispy crust! The simplest pie from
246 kcal
1 hour
Chopped Hey bulldog steak with potato gratin
Delicious, beautiful, appetizing - try it, you won't be disappointed. Easy And
300 kcal
4 hours
Sponge cake with souffle
Stunningly delicious weightless cake with sour cream souffle! ♚Larisynshik The
346 kcal
3 hours
Sponge cake in a slow cooker is lush and airy
Incredibly delicate, soft, fragrant, light and simple! A lush and airy sponge
335 kcal
1 hour40 minutes
Lemonade sponge cake in vegetable oil in a slow cooker
The delicate taste of your favorite cake! Sweet tooth will be amazed!
48 kcal
12 hours
Coca Cola jelly in a bottle
Cook an original cool dish with children - Coca Cola jelly! UO-Shu Recipe author
33 kcal
16 hours
Lightly salted cucumbers in mineral water
Very tasty and fast cucumbers! Everyone likes it!
100 kcal
5 minutes
Cognac and Cola cocktail
Surprise your guests with this refreshing cocktail! Of course, this is not the
52 kcal
5 minutes
Vodka and Coke cocktail
Alcoholic cocktail at home is a reason to relax and unwind! Cook.