Dishes with tea - 115 delicious home cooking recipes

Tea dishes - 116 recipes
306 kcal
5 hours
Tiramisu with matcha tea
Famous creamy dessert with Japanese notes! Savoyardi in this tiramisu recipe is
110 kcal
26 days
Moonshine on walnut partitions
You can cook not only delicious alcohol, but tincture. If you want to be sure
44 kcal
45 minutes
Classic alcoholic punch
Pleasant taste, light alcoholic note – we will defeat the cold! Punch is usually
55 kcal
15 minutes
Green tea with ginger lemon and honey
Fragrant, warming and healthy drink in the cold season! Who doesn't like tea?
100 kcal
3 days
Mackerel in onion husks and tea leaves
Incomparably delicious, beautiful, appetizing, spicy! Mackerel, salted in onion
63 kcal
2 days
Low salt mackerel in brine
The most delicious, fragrant, natural, simple! Mackerel lightly salted in brine
25 kcal
10 minutes
Tea with cloves
A fragrant rich drink for special occasions! Tonic tea with cloves is a very
43 kcal
40 minutes
Mackerel in brine on tea leaves with sugar
Fragrant, salty and incomparably delicious fish. The fish turns out salty and
67 kcal
1 hour
Milk tea with ginger
Unloading three in one: easy, healthy and delicious. Mint Recipe author
3 kcal
20 minutes
Swiss tea with chamomile
Fragrant and healthy tea with a mild taste of chamomile. Swiss tea with
85 kcal
15 minutes
Garam masala tea
Prepare an amazing drink of Indian cuisine! Garam massala tea is a tea that you
119 kcal
10 minutes
Tea with ginger, honey and vodka for colds
How to help yourself quickly with a cold? Simple!
12 kcal
15 minutes
Apple tea with orange and cinnamon
Apple tea will cheer you up at any time! lara Recipe author
6 kcal
10 minutes
Tea with ginger, lemon and apples
Healthy, delicious, quick to cook, unusual taste. A wonderful drink for
105 kcal
30 minutes
Tea with milk and salt
Shock the household! Make tea with salt!
23 kcal
10 minutes
Milk tea
A tribute to the old English traditions! I have always been very fond of tea,
19 kcal
15 minutes
Thyme tea
This tea will heal, refresh, and cheer you up! Tea with thyme is more of a
0 kcal
5 minutes
Soursop tea
The healthiest drink for the whole family - try it! You can make delicious tea
5 kcal
10 minutes
Black tea with mint
Pleasant-tasting tea with a soothing effect. I like black tea with mint more
4 kcal
10 minutes
Green tea with mint
A soothing drink will be a great end to dinner! Ease of preparation I don't like