Dishes with saltpeter - 7 delicious homemade cooking recipes

Dishes with saltpeter - 7 recipes
214 kcal
2 days3 hours
Sausage with saltpeter
It is prepared quite simply, but it tastes just wonderful. Sausage with
316 kcal
3 days2 hours
Homemade sausage from pork and bacon
Homemade meat dishes are the best you can cook! Homemade sausage is a delicious
169 kcal
3 days
Lamb leg in the oven
Juicy and tender pieces of meat will melt in your mouth! Varvara The author of
164 kcal
35 days15 hours
Italian ham
The famous Italian dish is now on your table! Daria ☼ The author of the recipe
151 kcal
3 days
Homemade beef basturma
Spicy taste will pleasantly surprise more than one man! Daria ☼ The author of
260 kcal
7 days14 hours30 minutes
Smoking meat at home
The rich taste of homemade meat dishes is able to please everyone. Daria ☼ The
247 kcal
2 days7 hours
Ham with saltpeter
Delicious appetizer according to the traditional recipe! Daria ☼ The author of