Icing for cake and baking - 54 delicious homemade recipes

The most enthusiastic feelings arise at the mention of just two words – sweet glaze! All positive emotions are reflected in this phrase: happiness and tenderness, joy and love. A smooth shiny coat for desserts not only serves as a decoration, but also helps to preserve the freshness of baking. a href="#info" class="read-more"Read on.../a
247 kcal
20 minutes
Cake fudge
Simple and multifunctional sugar fudge recipe. This is one of the easiest and
298 kcal
20 minutes
Protein glaze
Fast and simple, beautiful and delicious, from ordinary products! Protein glaze
299 kcal
10 minutes
Eggnog for cake
A simple recipe for beautiful and bright cakes - try and appreciate! There is
295 kcal
15 minutes
Royal icing for the cake
Royal icing - for royal desserts! Cook, Queen!
313 kcal
15 minutes
Protein glaze for cake
With this recipe, your cakes will always be the most beautiful! Protein glaze
306 kcal
20 minutes
Icing sugar fudge with lemon juice for buns
The simplest way to decorate any pastry! Fudge made of powdered sugar is ideal
212 kcal
15 minutes
Icing sugar with gelatin for cake
The simplest, fastest, from the minimum of products! Icing sugar with gelatin
441 kcal
50 minutes
Chocolate icing for a chocolate cake
Simple, from ordinary products, for the most delicious cakes! The icing for the
397 kcal
10 minutes
Chocolate cocoa cake icing
Classic recipe of the most versatile watering for baking! Every housewife has at
302 kcal
30 minutes
Sugar fudge for buns
Beautiful, snow-white, from simple products! Sugar fudge for buns will make any
350 kcal
12 hours15 minutes
Homemade caramel for cake
Caramel on kefir, easy to cook without a thermometer! An accessible recipe for
339 kcal
30 minutes
Chocolate fudge made of cocoa for cake
The perfect coating for any cake and just a delicious dessert! A confectionery
603 kcal
10 minutes
Icing for a chocolate cake
How to properly melt chocolate in a water bath? At first glance, it seems that
369 kcal
30 minutes
Creamy glaze
Excellent creamy glaze for confectionery masterpieces! In the age of
550 kcal
8 minutes
How to melt chocolate in a water bath for a cake
A simple, sure and fast way to the festive table! How to melt chocolate in a
409 kcal
30 minutes
Protein butter cream for cake and baking
Perfect decoration for any cake or brownie! This is a wonderful version of the
362 kcal
25 minutes
Chocolate glaze for eclairs
A very simple and quick recipe for making glaze! This is my favorite way.
375 kcal
1 day1 hour
Cake glaze
Beautiful, original design, for a festive table! Cake glaze is a shiny, glossy
419 kcal
1 hour
Caramel icing for cake
Find out how to properly prepare a caramel coating. Caramel icing for a cake is
214 kcal
20 minutes
Neutral icing for cake
Now your desserts will become even more beautiful! Neutral icing for the cake is

Icing for cake and baking