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244 kcal
35 minutes
Puff pastry rolls with minced meat
Unsweetened pastries are the invention of Turkish chefs! If you take the
243 kcal
4 hours
Turkey satsivi
The national Georgian dish is sure to please you! Very tasty.
173 kcal
35 minutes
Fish souffle with creamy caviar sauce
Did you think that such products do not combine? But in vain!
165 kcal
3 hours50 minutes
Foie gras pate
French delicacy with the most delicate taste is the perfect snack. Tancha Recipe
247 kcal
1 hour15 minutes
Meat rolls with mushrooms
Delicious and fragrant rolls are very easy to cook! Baked rolls are a delicate
233 kcal
35 minutes
Canapes snacks for the festive table, simple and delicious
Delicious like mom's, unusual, like in a restaurant! A wonderful recipe for
34 kcal
1 day2 hours45 minutes
Compote of yellow cherry plum for winter
A sunny drink will cheer you up in the cold season! Compote of yellow cherry
138 kcal
35 minutes
Pita bread roll with red fish
Original, appetizing and simple! Surprise your special guests!